In 2019 sales were approximately 600,000 tons. 80% allocated to Northern Italy and 20% between Rome, Naples and Sicily.


In 2019, sales amounted to about 84,000 tons. The fuel is distributed Marina in the port of Augusta in Sicily and Venice.


Sale contracts to operators Jet-Fuel in Northern Italy, and direct sales to Ciampino (Rome) with scheduled air charters and private jets.

The company through logistics facilities owned by the whole national territory. Please distribution of petroleum products, procures supplies to the marine bunkering and military and civilian aircraft, starts the distribution of fuel haulage road. It also operates in the storage and handling of petroleum products for third parties.


Sant’Agata, Ciampino and Augusta are the fuel depots and storage facilities of the company and handling. For better coverage, Maxcom has recourse to transit agreements throughout the national territory.

  • Storage capacity: 98,000 cubic meters
  • Gasoil (automotive & wholesale),Fuel Oil & Biodiesel
  • 34 tanks (from 200 mc to 15,000 mc)
  • Blending operations
  • Fed by pipeline from Lacchiarella Terminal
  • Strategic position (Mila industrial area )
  • Storage capacity of 850 mc
  • Aviation products (JetA1, AvGas)
  • Military Deliveries (J18)
  • 16 tanks (15 for Jet A-1)
  • 4 Refuellers
  • In-line JP8 additivation
  • JIG compliance operations
  • Storage capacity of 57.000 mc
  • Gasoil (automotive and wholesale), Fuel Oil and Biodiesel
  • 24 Tanks (from 100 mc to 8.500 mc)
  • Blending operations and Water/Oil separation plant
  • Ship vessel mooring for products recepeit and delivery
  • Strategic position (nearby oil refining area)